We offer integrated supply chain solutions for the engineering sector;primarilyinbound and outbound logistics services.

A peek into our services:

  • Planning, scheduling and procurement
  • Milk Run Transportation
  • Kitting and Consolidation
  • Sequencing and Line haul
  • QA Control
  • Freight Management
  • After Market Support (Spares Management)


Quadrant delivers optimum efficiency by collection of materials from multiple suppliers through excellent planning, scheduling and coordination with suppliers for timely procurement.


By proficiently managing in-house/ in-plant store related activities including line haulage and processsequencing, we ensure just-in-time delivery of parts at the production line.


a) Finished Goods Distribution
We optimizelead-time and adhereto the customer-defined normsstringently by managing the central storage hub and distribution centres followed by delivery to client’s dealer and distributor network using various modes of transportation.

Our services include:
  • Transporting finished goods from manufacturing plant to Distribution Center
  • Hub Center (Warehouse) Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoicing
  • Tax Management – Sales tax, Excise, Customs etc.
  • Distribution (Freight Management)
  • Reverse Logistics
b) Spare Parts Logistics:
Our spare parts distribution system is designed to provide effectiveness at all levels.
  • Sourcing of spares from clients manufacturing plant or its suppliers, vendors
  • Quality inspection of spares at distribution center
  • Painting, oiling of parts, if need be
  • Packaging, labeling and hologram Pasting
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Freight optimization
  • Spares distribution
  • Defective spares management (Spares Return)


Quadrant optimizes your overall logistics costs associated with inventory management, warehousing and transportation. Our adeptness in logistics for the consumer electronics industry allows a wide range of supply chain management services. Our spectrum of services include supplier management, inbound logistics to outbound distribution services, including value-added support services such as JIT delivery of components, sequencing, line haulage and finished goods distribution.


Ensuring availability of one’sproduct on dealer’s shelf is imperative. Our proficient team manages the outbound logistics – hub or distribution center management including secondary distribution of finished product in a time-bound manner.

Quadrant’s Hub or Distribution Center Management Model

We study a client’s entire distribution process and develop customized distribution model. Major attributes taken into consideration are: Nature of Product, Product Movement, Price Sensitivity, Competition and Product’s Market Reach.

  • Direct distribution from Factory or its Co-Makers to its Dealer Network
  • Centralized – Mother Depot Distribution Center Management
  • Regional Distribution Setup
  • State Level Distribution Centers
  • Branch Level Distribution Hub Management


It is an indispensible part of any customer-oriented business.

Our aftermarket services include:
a) Spare Parts Logistics
We manage spare parts distribution – from planning, procurement to just-in-time deliveries to our client’s dealer and distributor network. This mainly includes: collection, storage, packaging & repackaging, order management and distribution.

b) Returns Logistics
We oversee the returns process of unwanted / undue stocks or damaged goods. These goods can be reused or disposed of on behalf of our customers. This is mainly seen in case of product recall from the market for various reasons.

c) Repairs Activity
This process includes receipt and repair of products or parts, either under-warranty or post- warranty products. After repair, the parts / products are returned to the stock or sent back to customers.

d) Reverse Logistics
Quadrant enables the flow of surplus or unwanted material or equipment back through the supply chain in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. We take care of the physical aspects like transportation, restocking, disposing or recycling, invoicing and collection in the most effective manner to maximize the value of goods returned for various reasons.


We manage widespread activities related to telecom business needs. Quadrant’s logistics services can prove to be effectual for telecom sector mainly for Infrastructure (network) Development. Our services comprise inbound logistics, hub or warehouse management and freight management including unloading / erection of material at sites.

a) Inbound Logistics

Supplier coordination and order management, inbound primary transportation, coordination with supplier and physical help in open case inspection of received material; locally procured or imported.

b) Outbound Logistics

Hub or warehouse management, pick and pack of material, BOQ audit, inventory management and IT Solutions including WMS, periodic inventory audits and freight management.

c) Special Critical Value Added Services

Having worked in telecom sector, we have built an expertise in providing complex and critical activity management and value added services.
  • Dismantling of products as per specific needs
  • Sub-Assembly of parts
  • Kitting
  • Return of inventory management
  • RS&R (Repair, Sales and Return Activity Management)
  • Multiple level unloading of materials at sites followed by Erection
Besides the telecom infrastructure / network related logistics management, we are competent at managing logistics activities related to sales promotion and advertising materials, SIM Cards distribution management etc.


Quadrant provides supply chain solutions from inbound logistics - required for sourcing of parts at automobiles manufacturing plants to outbound logistics (distribution) of automobile products- vehicles, engines etc. distribution as well as for spares distribution.

A peek into our services:
  • Procurement
  • Milk Run Transportation
  • Consolidation
  • QA Control
  • JIT Delivery
  • Line Haulage
  • Freight Management
  • After Market Support (Spares Management)
a) Inbound Logistics
Designed to deliver maximum efficiency, our inbound process involves collection of materials from multiple suppliers through proper planning, scheduling and coordination with suppliers for timely procurement.

The in-house/ in-plant store activities include line haulage and sequencing that ensure just-in-time delivery of the right parts at the production line. In addition, we also provide value-added services such as kitting and sub-assembly etc.

b) Outbound Logistics
Our services are mainly in two areas: Spares Parts Management and Finished Automobile Products Distribution - such as Vehicles, Engines etc.

Finished Automobile Products Distribution (Vehicles, Engines etc):

We manage central storage hub and distribution centers followed by delivery to client's dealer and distributor network using different modes of transportation. Quadrant’s outbound process ensures optimization of lead time, and we strictly adhere to the customer-defined norms.

Spare Parts

Management Our spares distribution process is designed to optimize efficiency at all levels.


From multiple supplier collection through milk route transportation, consolidation, centralized hub management, packaging / repackaging and labeling to final delivery to retail outlets, Quadrant provides a wide range of services in the retail sector.

A peek into our services:
  • Inbound logistics - collection of goods from multiple supplier base
  • Consolidation
  • Centralised distribution center or hub management
  • Packaging, repackaging and labeling
  • Outbound logistics: secondary distribution - transport management
In addition, we also provide value-added services to our customers, such as:
  • In-store replenishment
  • Return goods management
  • Web-based WMS


For manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods, efficient distribution to retailers and distributors are critical factors. Timely availability of products at dealers and distributors’ shelf is an essence of the business in this competitive consumer goods market.

Our services include:
  • Procurement logistics
  • Primary freight management
  • Consolidation
  • Hub / Distribution center management
  • Merge-in-Transit
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • Promotional packaging
  • Customization
  • Reverse logistics and product recall management
  • Product disposal
Quadrant’s wide scale of supply chain services ranges from distribution center / hub management, physical secondary distribution to retail outlets, shelf life management.

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